Smoke Assist

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Smoke AssistSmoke Assist electronic cigarettes is a new and exciting alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes.

They will satisfy your oral fixation with realistic tobacco flavor, look and feel but without any of the harmful chemicals or toxins of ordinary cigarettes.

Also with Smoke Assist, there are no longer any more smoke smell on your clothes, in your home, or at work.

The Smoke Assist E-Cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco, tar, nicotine or any of the 4,000 other harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.

Smoke Assist emits water vapor rather then second hand smoke. Water vapor is completely safe and isn’t harmful when inhaled by others like second hand smoke is.

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The Smoke Assist comes with the Smoke Assist  Stainless steel shell with Micro-computer control circuit, a USB Rechargeable built-in Lithium Battery with USB charger, and 4 Atomized Filterette Cartridges.

You can order Smoke Assist for $89.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. That is only $3.49 per cartridge and a huge saving over the cost of regular tobacco cigarettes. Each cartridge will provide you with the equivalent of a pack and a half of traditional smokes.

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5 Comments on "Smoke Assist"

  1. Debbie MIller on Fri, 23rd Oct 2009 6:39 pm 


    Is this a product to help quit smoking

  2. As Seen On TV on Sat, 24th Oct 2009 2:41 pm 



    Electronics cigarettes are designed mainly as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and not to help quit smoking. It helps satisfy cravings for nicotine but without most of the harmful chemicals find in regular cigarettes.

  3. carrie on Thu, 11th Nov 2010 11:28 am 


    1 want it

  4. todd fetters on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 5:21 pm 


    how long does each refill cartridge last and how much to order additonal ones?

  5. kris snider on Tue, 26th Apr 2011 10:27 am 


    if you have asma or starting of emphazema does the water vaper affect any harm to lungs when inhailed from your product

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