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The BioEnergiser Detox Spa System can help rebalance your body and detoxify your system without any expensive and complicated diets.

It is designed to effecitvely rebalancing the cells equilibrium of positive and negative ions which leads to the dispersal of the unwanted toxins.

This is important because today’s modern lifestyle takes a large toll on your body and creates an unbalanced level of bio-energy in cells.

Having an unbalanced level of bi-energy in the cells can results in unhealthy skin, always feeling tired, prone to colds, flus, and sinus problems, and having bad breathe and odor.

By using the BioEnergiser you can effectively renew the balance of the cells. This ensures the body is at optimum efficiency to extract nutrients and dispose of unwanted waste.

After using the BioEnergiser you will renewed energy levels, both physically and mentally.Plus you a better general feeling of well being.

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The BioEnergiser Detox system comes with D-Tox Spa Bowl and Array, Power Supply, Timer and Control Unit, 30 Bowl Liners, 100g Low Sodium Salt, Measuring Spoon, Nylon Storage Bags, Manual, and Instructional DVD.

Order it today for just 3 easy payments of $33.32 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Or just make a single payment of $99.99 plus shipping and handling.

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