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Ab GliderThe Ab Glider from Pro-Form is the fast and easy way to get ripped abs. It is like having two exercise machines in one.

It lets you perform the Circular Burn and Arc Crunch for exercises with lateral motion and vertical motion. This gives you a fast workout that targets your abs and entire core area.

Using the Ab Glider you can engage more muscles, burn more calories, and get a better cardio workout than most other regular ab machines.

The Ab Glider will get you off the floor and ensure you are always in the proper form so you burn the maximum amount of calories. Plus it ensures you won’t risk straining your neck or back.

The 180 degree rotation track of the Ab Glider gives you smooth lateral motion and it can also lock in place for a secure vertical motion.

This Dual Motion Training design can help you double the calories being burned and has been shown to provide up to a 44% increase in muscle activation.

The construction of the Ab Glider is made with an incredibly strong and sturdy steel frame and track that was built to last you an entire lifetime. Plus there is also an onboard computer that helps you keep track of the reps you did and the calories being burned for each workout.

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You can order the Ab Glider by Pro-Form for $149.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. It also comes with a Weight Loss Eating Guide, Amazing Abs DVD, and 3-Minutes Results DVD. The product has a 30-day money back guarantee.

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